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promotion_sunday-background-Wide 16x9We believe God has called parents to be the lead and primary disciple-makers in their homes (cf. Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Ephesians 6:4). From the time children are born until they leave home, we want to walk shoulder-to-shoulder as partners with our parents and families.

Our approach to our Children’s Ministry is simple: we want to glorify God by equipping and encouraging children and families to live for Christ. But what does it mean to live for Christ? What are we aiming for really?

Three things:

First, it means being grounded in the Gospel. We want to equip and encourage our kids and families to know God and His Word through our worship services, Awana, Sunday school groups and Bible studies.

Second, it means growing in Community. We want to equip and encourage our kids and families to love God and one another. We believe the best way to develop loving children is to model loving relationships for them in our daily interactions with them, God and each other

Third, and finally, it means going on Mission. We want to equip and encourage our kids and families to serve God and others by participating in mission projects and outreach activities as well as supporting an individual’s calling to serve through our time, resources and talents.

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Weekly Schedule


9:30am: Sunday School
10:30am: Worship Service w/ KidLevel

Wednesdays (during the traditional school year)

5:00pm: Fellowship Meal
5:50pm: Awana 

Other Events

Special Events

In addition to our weekly schedule, we have special events throughout the year. To view those, please click here for the church calendar. 

Vacation Bible School

For more information about Vacation Bible School, click here.

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Interested in volunteering with our children? Please click here to fill out the Volunteer Interest Form. 


For more information about our Children's Ministry and to get connected, please contact Pastor Marshall Harper.